Team Training

Let us help you take your team to their next level of physical performance. 

What to expect

Your athlete's will LEARN

  • How to run properly
  • Mobility drills that will reduce the likelihood of sport-related injury
  • Plyometric drills (jumping, landing, progressions)
  • Proper breathing techniques

By the end of this program, your athletes WILL

  • Run faster
  • Jump higher
  • Be more confident
  • Have an enhanced mind-muscle connection
  • Understand how to start and stop properly when running


  1. How many can participate? Up to 10 athletes can participate at our facility.
  2. Do you travel to us? Yes, we can travel to you for a team workout. If we travel to your location, then there is no cap on the number of athletes that can participate. 
  3. What should my athletes wear? Tennis shoes, athletic clothes.
  4. What should my athletes bring? A water bottle.
  5. What needs to be done for my athletes to participate? Each athlete's guardian will need to fill out a consent form prior to participation in the training session. 

Romus Cezar, Baseball Coach

"Mark has done a great job helping our team this summer with a structured conditioning and stretching program. He was always willing to communicate and stayed in contact with us throughout the summer. He does a great job and knows what he's talking about."