A training facility that improves strength & power.

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3. Dominate the field

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Join our sport-specific performance training class.


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3. Dominate the field

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Participate in performance training that will increase speed, strength, & power production.


3. Dominate the field

3. Dominate the field

3. Dominate the field

Become the athlete in the spotlight.

What to expect

Your athlete will LEARN

  • How to develop strength
  • How to run properly
  • Exercises to increase power (which means higher vertical and faster speed)
  • Proper mobility that will foster longevity (in their sport)
  • Plyometric drills (jumping, landing, progressions)
  • Proper breathing techniques

Your athlete WILL

  • Become more explosive
  • Gain strength
  • Run faster
  • Jump higher
  • Have increased confidence
  • Be more resilient to sport-related injuries 
  • Have an enhanced mind-muscle connection


  1. What should my athlete wear? Tennis shoes, athletic clothes.
  2. What should my athlete bring? A water bottle.
  3. What needs to be done for my athlete to participate? Click the button below to contact and reserve their spot; then fill out waiver on day of first session.
  4. What time should I arrive? Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start to fill out necessary paperwork. 
  5. Do I need to stay with my athlete? We prefer you stay with your athlete, yes. 
  6. What if I have questions after my child finishes training? Our classes are stacked, but the coach training will provide you with a way to get in touch. 
  7. My athlete was just released from a prior injury - can they train? Possibly. Please contact us so that we can discuss further. We are also happy to speak with the physical therapist to better understand your athlete's status along with the exercises they are allowed to perform. 


Matt Whatley, Catcher

“I believe Mark has the athlete's best interest in mind. He has the 'know how' and the feel to bring about the best in athletes."