Speed & Agility Training

Youth Ages 7-12. Our speed & agility training develops quick feet, improves agility, increases change of direction speed, and develops maximal velocity. 

1x/week - $75/month

Andro Cutura, Pitcher

"Mark was honestly one of my favorite lifting coaches because of the knowledge he had and the tireless effort he gave to make sure all my needs were fulfilled. He always had answers for me when I was questionable about something and if he didn't know he was going to find out for [me] right away..."


"My 11 year old son has been working with Mark nearly three months now. He's tall and lanky and had a very awkward run. Mark has made great progress with his running and the strength training has been awesome. We could tell a big difference in fall baseball with his pitching strength and base running. The conditioning is also great to keep him in shape in the off season. My son comments on how nice Mark is every single time we leave training. He is great with youth and knows how to get down on their level. He's outstanding!"

- Stacy S., Parent