Don't spend your athletic career on the bench.

We care about your athletic success.

Join the hundreds of athletes who have trusted Mark and achieved their next level of physical performance. We're not here to make athletes better in the gym, we're here to turn athletes into Pros. 

Mark's experience includes:


From Athletes & Coaches

Matt Whatley, Catcher


"I believe Mark has the athlete's best interest in mind. He has the 'know how' and the feel to bring about the best in athletes."

Charles Porter, LAX Coach


"Mark inspires positive change to produce better athletic performance: mentally, physically, and spiritually. He motivates for results in strength, speed, and power."

Aaron Slegers, Pitcher


"I appreciate [Mark's] ability to interact with each athlete on an individual basis to help me reach my own personal goals."

Xavier Altamirano, Pitcher


"Mark is someone who will transform your weaknesses into strengths. His ability to do this has allowed me the ability to see what I am truly capable of achieving and more."

Andro Cutura, Pitcher


"Mark was honestly one of my favorite lifting coaches because of the knowledge he had and the tireless effort he gave to make sure all my needs were fulfilled. He always had answers for me when I was questionable about something and if he didn't know he was going to find out for [me] right away..."

Romus Cezar, Baseball Coach


"Mark has done a great job helping our team this summer with a structured conditioning and stretching program. He was always willing to communicate and stayed in contact with us throughout the summer. He does a great job and knows what he's talking about."

Sport-Specific Training Packages

1x/Week - $75/mo.


Perfect for the younger athlete. We will work on basic movements as we develop a base-level of strength that we will build on in years to come.  

2x/Week - $149/mo.


Ideal for middle school & high school athletes who desire to increase strength and power production. 

3x/Week - $199/mo.


Designed for those who are focused on collegiate and professional sports. We take collegiate programs and work backwards to meet the athlete at his or her current abilities. This way we are sure to give the athlete the tools they need to succeed at each level of competition.